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Mimasaka city is a popular site for training camps for both Okayama locals as well as people from elsewhere, as there is a multitude of sports facilities like the Mimasaka Rugby & Soccer Stadium, Mimasaka Arena, Mimasaka Tennis Court, Mimasaka Baseball Stadium, Training Gym, and Martial Arts Center.
Additionally, there are many golf courses in the neighborhood while another popular reason for its popularity is that you get to enjoy the hot springs after working up a good sweat training at the sports facilities.
We also help to arrange accommodation facilities and sports grounds reservations, so please feel free to ask.

  • Golf course

    Golf course

    There are many golf courses within a 30-minute drive from the Yunogo Hot Spring area. Yunogo Ishibashi Golf Club / The Oaklet Golf Club / Nihonbara Country Club / Sakushu Musashi Country Club / Sanyo Golf Club

  • Sports Facilities

    Sports Facilities

    Yunogo has no shortage of sports facilities, which include walking courses, a soccer and rugby stadium, tennis courts, a baseball stadium, and grand golf courses. The soccer and rugby stadium is the home ground of Okayama Yunogo Belle.

  • Hot Spring

    Sagi Hot Spring

    A communal hot spring bath for day trip guests, inn guests, and hotel guests, where the 1st floor consists of 2 large hot spring baths, one called Do-no-yu (with a dry sauna) and the other called Sei-no-yu (with a mist sauna), while the 2nd floor has 5 private family baths, open-air baths, baths for disabled guests, and jacuzzis. There is also a large hall where up to 30 people can rest.

  • Okayama International Circuit

    Okayama International Circuit

    Races for national competitions are held here regularly. You can experience a variety of races on the circuit, such as racing with your own car or go-karts for kids. Do try it out!

  • Yuragi Bridge

    Yuragi Bridge

    The Yuragi Bridge goes across the pristine Yoshino River at the southern edge of Yugo Hot Spring town. Every hour at the 50-minute mark, a performance featuring a large fountain that is 15m high and 27m wide, depicting an egret flapping its wings, is shown at the center of the bridge. By controlling the amount of water discharged, the fountain realistically depicts the way an egret flaps its wings!

  • ゆーらぎ橋

    Yuragi Bridge (Night)

    At sundown, it is lit up in 3 colors of red, blue, and yellow, enveloping the area in a fantasy-like mood. The pedestrian walk along the river around the Yuragi Bridge is called Yuragi Park, and you can enjoy a leisurely walk here. When you cross the Yuragi Bridge, an announcement will welcome you to Yunogo Hot Spring.

  • Miniature Railway Museum & Retro Toy Museum

    Miniature Railway Museum & Retro Toy Museum

    A giant diorama depicted with miniature train models (N Gauge), creating a somewhat nostalgic landscape. Made by local guides with miniature models and based on the folk tales of Northern Okayama. You can also rent the rail tracks (for N-Gauge models only) to run your own miniature model trains.

  • Museum of Contemporary Toys and Music Box

    Museum of Contemporary Toys and Music Box

    Come and relish in the melodies of antique music boxes. Apart from the wonderful music boxes, the museum also exhibits and produces handmade wooden toys. With a collection of humorous dolls and toys that you can play with, such as precisely fitting wooden gears, it is a truly enjoyable place.

  • Antique Toy Boxes, showa-kan

    Antique Toy Boxes, Showa-Kan

    This is a sightseeing spot with a retro atmosphere in the Yunogo Hot Spring town. Around 350 nostalgic items collected during a 30 year period from the Taisho period to the Showa period are on display, including tin toys, gramophones, and comic books. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back into the past once you step into this captivating retro world.

  • Kume Ume-no-Sato Park

    Kume Ume-no-Sato Park

    The Ume-no-Sato Park in Jindai, Tsuyama city covers an area of around 4 hectares and is home to 14 varieties of plum trees, including Kagoshima Kobai, Yaegan-bai, Kanbeni Shidare-Ume, Oshuku, Nanko, and Koshu-Koume. The promenade that leads to the summit is lined by plum trees with red blossoms, creating a flower tunnel that is breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Tsuyama Castle Kakuzan Park

    Tsuyama Castle Kakuzan Park

    The Tsuyama Castle is a castle on a flat hilltop completed by Mori Tadamasa, the first Lord of the Tsuyama domain, in 1616 after 12 years of construction. All the buildings were demolished and abandoned in 1873, but in 2005, the largest turret in the castle, “Bicchu Yagura”, was restored, and the interior features feudal Japanese architecture with tatami mats. Kakuzan Park, situated on the site of the castle, is home to several thousands of cherry trees and has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom spots.

  • Glass Workshop Tooth

    Glass Workshop “Tooth”

    This is a glass workshop in the Yunogo Hot Spring Town, one of the three most popular hot springs in Mimasaka, Okayama. They conduct glass making workshops and glass blowing workshops focusing on creative production. The retail shop displays and sells original products from the atelier as well as Yunogo glass, mostly made by Tsunehide Okamoto.

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